Currently for Sale

May 2020. It’s been a while! New Argo bottle – it only took a pandemic to get me back crafting again. This particular leather is perfect – such a great color, and its elasticity makes it hug the bottle so well. $30. I’ll have a few more of these coming soon. That cool flag on my fridge is the County Donegal flag – I got to spend a month there studying the language last summer. Trip of a lifetime. Okay, be well, everybody!

Feb  2017. The past few months I have started doing what I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, which is wrapping these wonderful Argo Tea bottles in leather. I think they’re superior to the Voss bottles I’ve used for a while – at least the smaller ones – for two reasons: 1. the mouth is wider and 2. the curve in the middle – it feels great in your hand. I ask $30 (plus shipping if necessary). Email me at to see which ones I have at the moment. And thanks for looking!



Jan. 2016. These are my new leather jars with metal straws (straw jars for short). I premiered these at a few places before Christmas and they were a big hit. I have 2 sizes: 24oz. (pint & a half) and 12oz. (3/4 pint). Great for drinks with ice.


I probably have other things for sale too (bottles, jars, and stained glass items). I’m bad about keeping up with posting photos of current items online, so feel free to email and ask for photos of current things. Contact me at larkandlizard (at) Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Currently for Sale

  1. Hi ,
    I shared your post now at least 50 people might see it lol. I even shared it to Facebook. I appreciate a skilled hand! I talked to you briefly last weekend at the craft fair. I will try to order a couple jars soon.
    Keep up the good work,
    Andrew Spaulding
    P.S. I’m not very active on WordPress. I’m more active on Facebook and Twitter.

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